Press release

GLOBSEC Announces Partnership with Silicon Castles to Foster Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe


GLOBSEC and its Danube Tech Valley Initiative (DTVI) announce a new partnership with Silicon Castles, a renowned expert in building and scaling technology companies. This collaboration aims to accelerate innovation potential in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and promote regional economic development.

Together, GLOBSEC and Silicon Castles will identify and support promising tech startups in the CEE region and collaborate on various projects, including the 2023 GLOBSEC Danube Tech Summit, the 2023 GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, Silicon Castles' Diamond Lab Split, and its 2023 Startup Executive Academy.

Through this partnership, GLOBSEC and Silicon Castles will also unleash the full potential of the CEE region's innovation ecosystem, driving economic growth and promoting long-term prosperity. We look forward to working together to achieve our shared goal of fostering innovation in the region.

This partnership brings together two organizations with a shared vision of promoting innovation and economic development in the CEE region. Silicon Castles is known for its expertise in building and scaling technology companies, while Danube Tech Valley aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem of tech startups in the Danube region.

In addition, the partnership will facilitate knowledge exchange between GLOBSEC and Silicon Castles, enabling both organizations to learn from each other and share best practices in generating new ideas and fostering progress in the technology industry.

"We are excited to work with Silicon Castles to foster innovation in the Danube region. We believe that technology has the power to create a better world, and we are committed to working with organizations like Silicon Castles which has a proven track record both in startup incubation as well as founder education with the Startup Executive Academy ", says Katarína Cséfalvayová, Executive Lead of the Danube Tech Valley Initiative. "This partnership will enable us to provide even more support to the tech startups in our region and help them achieve their full potential. "  

Silicon Castles is equally excited about the partnership. "We are thrilled to partner with the Danube Tech Valley Initiative and support the growth of the technology industry in the Danube region ", says Andreas Spechtler, the CEO and Founder of Silicon Castles. "We believe that the region has enormous potential for tech startups as well as great talents, and we are committed to leveraging our expertise to help these companies succeed. "

This partnership marks an important step in the growth of the technology industry in the Danube region, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have.


GLOBSEC is a global think-tank with local offices in Bratislava, Brussels, Kyiv, Vienna, and Washington D.C. committed to enhancing security, prosperity and sustainability in Europe and throughout the world. Its mission is to influence the future by generating new ideas and solutions for a better and safer world. We believe we can change the world by putting together the right stakeholders at the right time for a free exchange of ideas.

The Danube Tech Valley Initiative (DTVI) by GLOBSEC is aiming to power ahead and accelerate the innovation potential in CEE, by increasing its competitiveness and growth vis-à-vis the rest of Europe and the world, by creating synergies and convergence, interconnecting existing initiatives, and enabling bottom-up cross-border interactions and cooperation between diverse stakeholders in the Danube region. Its newly launched Danube Innovation Tracker aims to accelerate the innovation potential of the region.