Press release

GLOBSEC City Challenge 2018 - Second Place


The GLOBSEC City Challenge was introduced at this year’s Bratislava Forum as part of the event’s InnoTech Initiative and topical cluster. At the Forum, high-level stakeholders from the public and private sector discussed and proposed practical strategies for utilising new technologies for the good of the global society. To support this, GLOBSEC invited teams and individual young entrepreneurs to develop technology-based solutions to tackle the social and economic problems facing Pijova-Rocla, an imaginary city which faces an array of familiar social, political and economic issues.

GLOBSEC is proud to announce that its first City Challenge received entries from around the world that provided interesting and original ideas for consideration by our evaluation committee. Over the course of the next few days, we will be publishing the winning entries from this year’s competition. We’re now delighted to present you with this year’s 2nd Place, submitted by Ján Slobodník. As he sees it, Pijova-Rocla’s long future and sustainability rests on its ability to fully leverage the world wide web, internet- enabled devices (smartphones, PCs) and their capabilities (websites, applications, augmented reality). Doing so will help to keep the city interesting for business and provide residents with the skills required for next-generation industries.