Press release

GLOBSEC City Challenge 2018 - Winner


The GLOBSEC City Challenge was introduced at this year's Bratislava Forum as part of the event's InnoTech Initiative and topical cluster. At the Forum, high-level stakeholders from the public and private sector discussed and proposed practical strategies for utilising new technologies for the good of the global society. To support this, GLOBSEC invited teams and individual young entrepreneurs to develop technology-based solutions to tackle the social and economic problems facing Pijova-Rocla, an imaginary city which faces an array of familiar social, political and economic issues.

We now present you with this year’s winning entry, written by Martin Šebesta. This PhD Candidate at Comenius University, Bratislava, argues that the synthesis of server farms and greenhouses could be used to tackle problems associated with Pijova-Rocla’s idle suburban industrial complexes, high unemployment and lack of meaningful opportunities for its youth.