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GLOBSEC launches the Future of Democracy & Technology Initiative

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Throughout history, technological revolutions have shaped societies on a global scale, presenting both remarkable opportunities and unprecedented challenges. However, unlike in the past, where governments and public, private and civic sectors had ample time to adjust, the exponential pace of innovation today demands swift adaptation and decisive action to mitigate the risks that emerge within months or even weeks. The impact of inadequate responses and the failure to identify threats has been evident in the realm of social media, which has facilitated the proliferation of manipulation, hate speech, and propaganda, disrupting political landscapes and societal dynamics across nations. 

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our daily lives introduces a new realm of complexities and possibilities. Transatlantic democracies now face a critical juncture, where they must proactively harness the potential of AI for their advantage while safeguarding their systems and societies from foreign adversaries who seek to exploit vulnerabilities within democratic societies and structures and leveraging technology for digital authoritarianism. Furthermore, it is imperative that leaders in government and the private sector prevent AI from being weaponized to disseminate harmful content, eroding societal trust, and driving divisions and disengagement. This calls for the development of both trust in AI-based tools, products, and services and the essential skills to utilize, create, and innovate with integrity. 


GLOBSEC, a leading think tank bridging the perspectives of democracies across the world, seeks to contribute practical solutions that position European democracies as global leaders in leveraging AI for societal benefit and the promotion of democratic values and principles by:  

  1. Developing working mechanisms and ensure accountability for protection of the information spaces against misuses of AI for the spread of malicious content, propaganda and harmful disinformation. 

  1. Ensuring that the quality AI systems are considered trustworthy by the citizens and policy-makers alike, especially across Europe.  

  1. Fostering the integration of AI system into public sector, civil society while harnessing security, privacy and ethical concerns. 

  1. Increasing public awareness of challenges and opportunities linked to new technological developments.  

Key activities of the Initiative include: 

Technology & Democracy Council: A high-level public-private body that will engage in constructive discussions, exploring the potential of Transatlantic leadership in AI governance on a global scale and devising strategies to counter digital authoritarianism and limit Chinese technological dominance while safeguarding the principles of a free and open internet.  

Public-private-civic platforms: open and closed-door debates and interactive sessions bringing together private, public and civic sector representatives. Roundtables will serve for productive exchanges, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing between stakeholders.  

Awareness-raising & capacity-building: GLOBSEC will leverage its extensive experience in devising and running social impact campaigns across Central Europe, as well as leading and facilitating capacity-building activities—such as training, online courses, and practical manuals—to build awareness on how to best use new technologies and how to effectively address their misuse. 

Policy briefs and recommendations: GLOBSEC's team of experts, in cooperation with contributors from diverse spheres will conduct comprehensive research, generating insights that will inform policy briefs and recommendations as evidence-based guidance to private sector leaders and policymakers to make informed decisions in the realms of AI governance, technological resilience, information space management, and ethical considerations.  

Stay tuned for more soon!