Press release

GLOBSEC launches Ukraine and Eastern Europe Programme


(Bratislava, 29 June 2022) GLOBSEC announces the launch of Ukraine and Eastern Europe Programme that will operate within GLOBSEC Policy Institute.

GLOBSEC’s newly established Ukraine and Eastern Europe Programme is aimed at advancing solutions that will foster the secure and resilient development of a turbulent region. The Programme is focusing on delivering analysis and host of actionable recommendations. They include, but are not limited to, Ukraine’s reconstruction and European future, regional democratic stability, and advancing Transatlantic policy towards Eastern neighbours.

The Programme particularly benefits from a team intimately tied to the region and whose expertise and insights are oriented towards bridging the transatlantic community with Eastern Europe. To maximize its impact, it will also operate in close cooperation with Ukraine Support Council, the goal of which is provision of strategic guidance for Programme development,” explained Alena Kudzko, Director of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute. “The Council aims to create a driving force to develop an ambitious vision for Ukraine’s European and democratic future and build comprehensive support among Western allies for the roadmap to achieve it. Led by renowned professionals, statespersons, and business leaders, Ukraine Support Council will provide tailor-made advice and innovative ideas on the reconstruction of Ukraine and modernization of its statehood,” she added.

The Council will develop two main tracks: promoting Ukraine’s aspirations to join the EU family and mobilising support to rebuild an innovative and modernised Ukraine driven by domestic talent. To this aim GLOBSEC is launching the following initiatives: Ukraine EU Accession Platform and Ukraine Innovation Hub.

“The Ukraine EU Accession Platform will provide analysis and bring together the beneficiaries of best practices of EU accession and Ukrainian stakeholders to find the most efficient solutions regarding the country’s further EU integration efforts,” clarified Olena Khylko, the Programme Director. She further added: “We will also concentrate on advocacy efforts to keep Ukraine’s needs high on the agenda of decision-makers in the EU, UK and the US. Advocacy will focus mainly on Ukraine’s EU accession facilitation, the Seventh Package of sanctions and monitoring of their implementation; raising international support to International Criminal Tribunal establishment to prosecute Russia’s crimes in Ukraine.” Developing further ideas on how to better integrate Ukraine within Central European regional initiatives to facilitate its EU integration will also be on the agenda.

As regards the Ukraine Innovation Hub, it will facilitate research and discussions to support Ukraine align with EU standards. “We want to advocate for  financial support for small and medium business in Ukraine, to leverage local resources and regenerate local economy,” Olena Khylko said. Facilitating innovation in the sphere of energy efficiency and renewable energy development in line with Ukraine’s European Integration commitments and EU Green Deal will also constitute a priority. The programme will also seek to promote of municipal partnerships between Ukrainian and EU cities with the aim of exchanging on best practices and experience-sharing to create truly community-friendly city environments.

We also want to concentrate on facilitation of partnerships between Ukrainian universities, especially the relocated ones, and their reputable Western counterparts to support innovative thinking about rebuilding Ukraine and prevent brain drain. Contributing to shaping of Ukraine’s vision of the future by organizing relevant discussions and bringing global thinkers, leaders in innovative development, will be equally important,” commented Ms. Khylko.

Advocacy efforts will be directed at keeping Ukraine’s defence, humanitarian and reconstruction needs high on the agenda of decision-makers on both sides of the Atlantic. Not to be overlooked, responding to hybrid threats and malign influences will stay on the radar of the Programme.

GLOBSEC will also deliver support for the development of networking platform between think-tanks aimed to elevate Ukraine’s priorities. To this aim GLOBSEC has established the Expert Platform for Ukraine, embracing representatives of Ukrainian and EU think-tanks with the aim to find better security solutions and for steering Ukraine to the EU community.

The Programme will be  supported by  Olena Khylko,Zoriana Mishchuk, Hennadiy Maksak, Yuliia Osmolovska, Katerina Kistol and others.