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GLOBSEC Is Partnering with NATO Facilitating a Series of Dialogues with Private Sector


Deputy Secretary-General of NATO Mircea Geoană, Assistant Secretary-General for Defence Investment of NATO Camille Grand, Member of European Parliament Eva Kaili and President of Brookings Institution John R. Allen are just some of the names from a long list of participants of the first NATO 2030: NATO-Private Sector Dialogue organised in partnership with GLOBSEC and taking place on November 25.

NATO leaders have asked the Secretary-General to lead a forward-looking reflection on NATO’s future, NATO 2030. As part of this effort to ensure the Alliance remains agile and future-proof, NATO seeks to strengthen its engagement with civil society, youth and the private sector. This is why NATO is launching the NATO 2030: NATO-Private Sector Dialogues. Facilitated by GLOBSEC, the dialogues will look to deepen the involvement of the private sector across the transatlantic sphere and galvanize their activity in advancing NATO’s collective security agenda. NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Geoană  stated that “NATO is very happy to work with GLOBSEC as part of our constant dialogue with the Private Sector focusing on the future of warfare and the role of new and emerging technologies – an important conversation that has become self-evident in view of game-changing developments in emerging and disruptive technologies.”

Hypersonic delivery systems, integration of machine-human teaming on the battlefield, quantum leaps in technological development, ultra-connectivity... Threats to international security have never been this diverse and our need to understand them has never been this urgent. Understanding this reality and the challenges it brings, NATO is reaching out to the private sector to come up with effective answers. The first NATO 2030: NATO-Private Sector Dialogue will deal with the topic of The Future of Warfare and the Role of New and Emerging Technologies.

Opened by an official welcome by the president of GLOBSEC Róbert Vass followed by a keynote speech by Mircea Geoană, the Deputy Secretary-General of NATO and Brookings President John R. Allen, the online event will begin at 2 pm CET on November 25 and its core will comprise of three main panels. “I am delighted NATO chose GLOBSEC for its partner in facilitating the dialogue with the private sector. The future will bring challenges that will be difficult for NATO to deal with and the private sector will therefore play an even more crucial role in our common defence strategies,” said Róbert Vass, President of GLOBSEC.

The first panel will explore the topic of The Future of AI and will address the issue of a knowledge gap between the private and public sector on Artificial Intelligence. The second panel will focus on how innovative ideas from start-ups and SMEs can be leveraged to contribute to building capabilities for the Alliances defence and security needs, while the third panel will cover the topic of Innovation Ecosystems and Venture Capitals Role in Allied Defence and Security. Specifically, how could NATO and Allies work to ensure safe financing for start-ups? And what role can venture capital firms play in innovation?

The NATO 2030: NATO-Private Sector Dialogues will bring together experts from both the public and private sector. Facilitated by GLOBSEC, the series of dialogues will continue into 2021 with additional events looking to deepen the involvement of the private sector across the transatlantic sphere and galvanize their activity in advancing NATO’s collective security agenda.

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