Press release

GLOBSEC is proud to announce partnership with Alliance for Securing Democracy in the Alliance for Healthy Infosphere

on 27.04.2021

A year ago, Democracy & Resilience Programme at GLOBSEC Policy Institute established the Alliance for Healthy Infosphere, in an effort to amplify voices of those worst affected by harmful phenomena linked to unregulated digital space such as the proliferation of disinformation and hate speech, marginalisation of vulnerable communities, polarisation of societal discourse, private data leaks or cyberbullying, to name a few.

Since then, we have achieved a lot. The Alliance has grown to encompass an array of institutions ranging from civil society organisations, private companies, academic institutions and think tanks across six EU member states, joined in a mission to raise awareness of the detrimental impact the above-mentioned phenomena have on our democracies.

However, our goal from the beginning was not just a warning against the danger of simply accepting the status quo. Our mission is to offer systemic solutions which will gradually improve the quality of our information space.

With this in mind, we have organised a number of events and webinars discussing potential solutions with key stakeholders from the private sector, think tanks and European institutions; we have published a number of op-eds and policy papers on these topics in an effort to stimulate public discussion, and most crucially; we have provided the European Commission and the Council with several rounds of feedback on the Digital Services Act, European Democracy Action Plan and the upcoming strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation.

We are happy to bring these activities to a new level by partnering with the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund in Brussels, an institution with a long track record and expertise in researching online information manipulation, foreign interference and their impact on democratic societies.

Drawing on this expertise, the Alliance will increase its impact in advocacy and commitment to healthier information space in the next few years, with a range of activities planned for as early as GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum 2021 – stay tuned for more information!


Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Democracy & Resilience



Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Democracy & Resilience