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GLOBSEC signed a cooperation agreement with Delphi Economic Forum


October 1, Bratislava/Athens

A leading European independent think-tank GLOBSEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Delphi Economic Forum (DEF) based in Greece.

Both organizations agreed to cooperate in different areas including the organization of the joint events through Europe, pursuing the common agenda, an exchange of the speakers and joint research on different topics and projects in the Western Balkans.

„Both GLOBSEC and Delphi Economic Forum are committed to supporting innovation, prosperity, and sustainability in Europe and beyond; a noble cause that could be possibly achieved only by close cooperation and mutual support. I am also convinced that GLOBSEC and Delphi Economic Forum can help each other to increase their credibility and impact and achieve our common goals.“ said President and Founder of GLOBSEC Róbert Vass.

The agreement was signed in Athens both by GLOBSEC and DEF’s leadership and with the presence of the State Secretary of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ingrid Brocková and Deputy Minister for Economic Diplomacy and Openness of the Hellenic Republic Kostas Fragogiannis.

“We are delighted to have signed this Memorandum of Understanding with a prestigious think-tank, with GLOBSEC. In a constantly changing environment, it is such synergies that bring hope for a future towards a new landscape. Together we can have greater influence and achieve brilliant outcomes securing progress and stability for all”, said President of Delphi Economic Forum, Symeon Tsomokos.

Delphi Economic Forum is one of the biggest economic forums in Europe. Every year in the ancient city of Delphi, top leaders gather from across sectors to spark dialogue, inspire change, and transform the conversation into action.


GLOBSEC is an independent global think-tank providing a practical and functional platform for multisector dialogue on the challenges of today and tomorrow. GLOBSEC’s mission is to ensure a secured, democratic Europe and preserve a safe and sustainable social future.

About Delphi Economic Forum

Delphi Economic Forum engages political, economic, business, academic, and other thought leaders in an effort to address emerging challenges that influence the national and regional agendas and promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies for Europe, the wider Eastern Mediterranean, and Greece.

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