Press release

GLOBSEC to Strengthen Tech, Business and Cyber Coverage at Bratislava Forum

Globsec Forum 2018

GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum 2018 marks a significant turning point in GLOBSEC’s short but illustrious history. While defence, security and geopolitics remain an essential feature of the agenda, even more time will be devoted to key issues and trends shaping business, technology and society.

To gain the most current insights on these pressing issues, GLOBSEC is delighted to announce that it has attracted some of the most inspiring and influential figures from these fields. Participants include:


  • Scott Carpenter, Managing Director, Jigsaw
  • Melissa Hathaway, President of Hathaway Global Strategies LLC and former advisor to US Presidents Barak Obama and George W. Bush
  • Tze Yun Leong, Director of AI Technology at AI.SG, Singapore
  • Kilian Kleinschmidt, Founder of the Innovation and Planning Agency
  • Joseph Nye, a world leading political scientist
  • Jeffrey Sachs, a leading American economist and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University
  • Erin Marie Saltman, Policy Manager, EMEA Counterterrorism & CVE at Facebook

The global reach of our participants and topics at this year’s GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum reflect the key theme that underpins the whole event: Adapting the Future. Indeed, GLOBSEC has made its own innovative contribution to the debate through its City Challenge competition. We were delighted to work with partners from the private sector to determine the scope of the competition and select winning entries. This also convinced us that diversifying the content of our Bratislava Forum is an imperative.

Put simply:

While companies, policymakers and other organisations can adapt the future, global society often has no alternative but to adapt to the future. GLOBSEC wants adaptation to work for everyone.

This year’s agenda is spread across 3 stages at the Grand Hotel River Park, which also means increased coverage via our livestream, live blog, website and social media channels. The changes to this year’s GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum further reflect the organisation’s growing presence on the international stage. Evidence of GLOBSEC’s expanding global footprint also includes our cooperation with the Global Commission for the Stability of Cyberspace. By working closely with The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies and EastWest Institute, GLOBSEC now supports a global panel of experts developing research, dialogue and policy proposals that foster a coherent approach to cybersecurity and the governance of this increasingly important global common.

Finally, GLOBSEC adds to its array of research initiatives with its most ambitious project to date. GLOBSEC Megatrends 2018 identifies the most important determinants of the future of the West and, particularly, Central Europe. In doing so, GLOBSEC Megatrends reflects the insights of the teams that make up the GLOBSEC Policy Institute.

The agenda for GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum 2018 can also be accessed here.