Press release

GLOBSEC’s Democracy & Resilience Centre is becoming one of the new prospective signatories of the strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation


GLOBSEC’s Democracy & Resilience Centre is proud to announce it is becoming one of the new prospective signatories of the strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation! Our team is working hard to ensure the new Code will provide a strong basis for healthier digital space.

The issue of countering disinformation remains high on the Commission's agenda. Eight new prospective signatories joined the revision process of the Code of Practice on disinformation during the latest signatories Assembly meeting at the end of September.

The list of prospective signatories includes online video platforms such as Vimeo, new types of social networks like Clubhouse, and advertising technology providers like DoubleVerify, as well as organisations that provide specific expertise, research outputs and technical solutions to fight disinformation, such as Avaaz, GLOBSEC, Logically, NewsGuard, and WhoTargetsMe.

The Code represents the first framework worldwide setting out commitments by platforms and industry to fight disinformation in a coherent and systematic manner. The revision of the Code is based on the Commission's Guidance issued in May, which sets out how the current Code should be improved.

Significant efforts are needed to reduce the flow of disinformation, as illustrated by the COVID-19 infodemic and its impact worldwide. The current Code was a step in the right direction, however, the Commission's Assessment in 2020 revealed significant shortcomings. These include inconsistent and incomplete application of the Code across platforms and the Member States, gaps in the coverage of the Code's commitments, a lack of appropriate monitoring mechanism, including key performance indicators, a lack of commitments on access to platforms' data for research on disinformation and limited participation from stakeholders, in particular from the advertising sector.

Source: European Commission Website