Press release

Ideas for Resilient Democracies: Push and Pull Factors of the COVID-19 Infodemic


The EU's upcoming Digital Services Act and issues it seeks to address have also been discussed at our Covid-19 Infodemic webinar: Push & Pull Factors by Naja Bentzen (European Parliament Research Service), Naďa Kovalčíková (Alliance for Securing Democracy, GMF), Peter Kreko (Political Capital Institute), Rand Waltzman (RAND Corporation), and Miroslava Sawiris (GLOBSEC) within our Ideas for Resilient Democracies webinar series.

A short brief provides fresh ideas on how to counter the most pressing challenges associated with the infodemic  - including the enhancement of the EU’s image, developing a shared European public broadcasting sphere, ensuring equal treatment of the EU member states by digital platforms, and supporting healthier information ecosystem.

The short brief is a part of the Democracy & Resilience’s D4 Initiative (Defending Democracy in Digital Domain).