Press release

An Initiative Against the Dissemination of Disinformation and Hate Speech: Alliance for Healthy Infosphere

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Our information space is plagued by numerous deficiencies such as the proliferation of hate speech and dissemination of disinformation and harmful narratives to vulnerable audiences by a plethora of domestic as well as foreign actors.

These phenomena have a detrimental impact on the quality of democracies worldwide as they continue to undermine trust in public institutionscontribute to a growing polarisation of societies and undermine human rights regime.

The lack of operational transparency among digital platforms further complicates the situation, rendering attempts to remove illegal content onlinestop the exploitation of personal information for malign purposes through targeted advertising of harmful content and disrupt the disinformation ad revenue ecosystems, impossible to truly evaluate.

Recognising these serious deficienciesDemocracy & Resilience Programme at GLOBSEC is launching Alliance for Healthy Infosphere to strengthen the voices particularly of those markets which have been most affected by the lack of meaningful checks and balances in the digital space.

The Alliance welcomes efforts to address these issues on a European level and the primary objective of the Alliance is to contribute to the ongoing discussion on European digital services policy formulation by providing quality research-based insights and feedback.

The Alliance currently spans three European Member States – Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary and consists of experts from civil society initiatives, think tanks and private companies.

Read the Alliance’s feedback to Digital Services Act Impact Assessment here.