Press release

Last Look at the EUact Project - Final Video


Worried about the low turnout in the European Parliament election, and the rise of nationalism, populism and Euroscepticism, fuelled by the feeling that “Brussels is too far away”, the EUact– “EP Elections and Beyond: Active Participation of EU Citizens at All Levels” project wanted to engage young people in conversation about what they think of and expect from the European Union. We also wanted to encourage young people to come up with their own recommendations for the EU, from education and work opportunities, through EU’s security and global role, to environment and sustainability. The key aim was to enhance young citizens’ understanding of the EU, broaden ownership of the European project and build trust in the EU’s promise of a better future for all.

Have we succeeded? 4 partners, 4 countries, 14 months and 28 events – watch the video below to look back on the project's key activities and successes.

With huge thanks to our partners:

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 The project is financially supported by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.