Press release

Making it the Distance to Victory: Ukraine’s War and Post-War Needs

on 06.07.2022

Given its setbacks on the battlefield, like the occupation of the Kherson and Luhansk regions, Ukraine foremost needs heavy weaponry like long-range multiple rocket artillery systems and training for the personnel to use the modern weaponry effectively.

Russian offensive and its indiscriminate shelling of the civilian targets around the country are continuing. Thus, humanitarian assistance, like mobile hospitals, is needed. Ukraine’s government budget deficit is $5bn per month. Attracting adequate government aid from the developed world and restructuring Ukraine’s debt due in September are vitally important.

This need is amplified by an urgency to rebuild Ukraine’s critical infrastructure in preparation for the winter. Ukraine’s government has prepared the first draft of a reconstruction plan worth $750bn and presented it to the international community. This plan and the sources of its funding may be addressed properly after Ukraine’s urgent needs are fully taken care of.

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