Press release

Mike Pompeo public debate media roundup


On February 12, GLOBSEC had the pleasure to host a conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. After 20 years and the visit of the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, it was only the second visit of the U.S. State Secretary to Slovakia. The conversation entitled The Legacy of 1989: Courage to be Free with the Slovak youth was attended by approximately 100 students from around Slovakia.


Media coverage of Secretary Pompeo’s visit has been extensive within the CEE region. You can find the transcript of the whole conversation on the website of the Italian national information agency. The event itself has been live-streamed on our social media channels, by Thomson Reuters and has made it to the US social news platform Reddit, as well. Secretary Pompeo has been very vocal about the events that surrounded the fall of communism but also persist up until now, see for instance article in the Austrian Die Presse, which summed up Secretary’s worries about Russian and Chinese aggression in CEE.


National coverage has been vast. Some media have been mapping each and every step of Secretary’s visit, see the detailed coverage for example in Hospodárske Noviny or an analysis of the visit with commentaries done by Denník N. Daily Pravda has elaborated on Secretary’s professional profile and the purpose of his visit in the printed daily just a day after the visit. Secretary’s visit with the conversation itself has been broadcasted by the Slovak television RTVS in its extraordinary broadcast and was also covered by the biggest online news portal


Traditionally, the conversation with Secretary Pompeo was live-streamed on social media channels like our Youtube and Facebook page or the U.S. Department of State’s Youtube. All together we reached more than 2.300 views. On Twitter, the total organic impressions number reached more than 11.000 only within 48 hours.