Press release

Samuel Woolley joins GLOBSEC as Associate Fellow at Democracy & Resilience Centre


Bratislava, June 29, 2021

GLOBSEC is proud to announce that Samuel Woolley has joined the Democracy & Resilience Centre as its new Associate Fellow.

Samuel Woolley's expertise lies in the field of automation, propaganda and emerging media. He has vast work experience in the field from both private, academic and non-governmental sector.

Woolley is the founder of Digital Intelligence Lab, a social scientific research entity examining the benefits and challenges of new media and technologies to democratic communication, at the Institute for the Future in California. He currently holds several positions, including of Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and Information and of Project Director for Propaganda Research at the Centre for Engagement at the University of Texas. He previously worked at the University of Oxford’s Oxford Internet Institute, as Research Director at the National Science Foundation and European Research Council or as Research Fellow at Google’s Jigsaw think tank.

You can find his profile on this link.

We look forward to our cooperation!