Press release

Transatlantic Cooperation on Ethical Deployment and Governance of New Technologies: Policy Takeaways


The role of the private sector in national – and by extension Allied – security has grown and evolved. The private sector routinely outspends the public sector in research and development. In new technological areas, private sector companies designing primarily for civilian use have gained weight, with some firms, in particular in the world of digital technology, big data, and social media dominate their markets.

The 5th dialogue on Transatlantic Cooperation on Ethical Deployment and Governance of New Technologies brought relevant stakeholders together to exchange views and insight on the security challenges and realities that come along with emerging and disruptive technologies. Ensuring that these technologies are developed and deployed in a way that is consistent with Allied common values is essential, especially since standard and norm-setting for emerging technologies are already prime venues for geopolitical competition. The centrality of private sector actors in these domains makes these conversations essential.

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