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What is CEE Hub4Ideas

A virtual digest that serves as a common space for outputs and a multiplier for constructive voices from Central and Eastern European think tanks, research institutions, civil society organisations, and individuals.

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has often struggled to achieve the status of a sought-after region in terms of emerging ideas and innovative research. With the war in Ukraine at the region’s doorsteps, now more than ever there is a necessity to amplify the constructive voices and to share the unmatched expertise and experiences. There is high potential for arising new ideas and solutions which can be effectively used for policymaking. Having a Hub where CEE voices are reachable at ease, could boost the region’s image and proliferate constructive and practical initiatives.

January - March 2023

Defence and Security

The War on Ukraine: A Look at (Underemphasised) Russian Cyber Operations

How to beat Russia: What armed forces in NATO should learn from Ukraine’s homeland defense

International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS)
Baltic Defence Development: Adding Value to the Defence of the Baltic Sea Region

European Values Center for Security Policy
War in Ukraine: Lessons identified and learned

Democracy and Resilience

Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)
Breaking Down Russian and Chinese Disinformation and Propaganda About the War in Ukraine

Fighting Foreign Malign Influence in Democratic States

The Casimir Pulaski Foundation
Bulgaria as a breeding ground for Russia’s influence in the Balkans

Institute of International Relations Prague
Dragon's Roar and Bear's Howl: Convergence in Sino-Russian Information Operations in NATO Countries?

EU Neighborhood

Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW)
More independence, less fear. Moldova’s perspective on Russia after a year of war in Ukraine 

Ukrainian refugees in Visegrad countries: Societal Attitudes and Challenges of Accommodating People Fleeing the War

How the West Can Help Ukraine: Three Strategies for Achieving a Ukrainian Victory and Rebirth

Russia Sanctions – How to Make Them Work

Future of the EU

Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA)
QMV in CFSP: Impending necessity or resurfacing utopia?

The New Pact on Migration and Asylum and the war in Ukraine: time for a paradigm shift?

Global Europe

International Centre for Defence and Security Studies (ICDS)
Europe’s Indo-Pacific Tilt: Estonian and Japanese Interests

Finding Transatlantic Unity in Times of Conflict 2022. Transatlantic Policy Forum in Review

Economy and Sustainability

Center for the Study of Democracy
Decoupling from Russian Oil

Adapting EU energy efficiency targets to V4+ regional context

Expert Forum (EFOR)
2023 annual report: One year of fighting. Lessons for the EU from Ukraine’s resilience and the energy sector

CEE and its role in the EU

Rethinking the Concept of Central Europe with Ukraine as its member: What Kind of “Soft” Connectivity is Needed in a New Geopolitical Reality?

EUROPEUM/Think Visegrad
In search for a more effective EU foreign and security policy: Can Central Europe seize its momentum?

Institute of International Relations Prague
Does Central Europe Want The Western Balkans In The European Union?

Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID)
We Need A Way Out Of The Foreign Policy Impasse

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