GLOBSEC Initiative for Sustainable Mobility (GISM)


The GLOBSEC Initiative for Sustainable Mobility (GISM) was launched at Tatra Summit 2018 to establish a regional (V4+) approach to the most stubbornly emitting sector: transport and mobility. The 2019 GISM programme convened two dedicated high-level public-private discussions across GLOBSEC strategic fora that were heard by regional and EU decision-makers:

  • the GLOBSEC 2019 Forum GISM outcome report was included on the June V4+ Summit and V4+ ENVI Council coordination meeting agenda
  • the Tatra Summit 2019 GISM outcome report was recognized by DG MOVE which pledged to make findings and recommendations into consideration



The key objective of this research is to explore how a dedicated clean air fund that is complimentary to existing EU instruments can serve as a catalyst...