GLOBSEC Private-Public Sector Dialogues




GLOBSEC presents a series of online workshops focused on defence and security, aimed at connecting public and private sectors for an insightful dialogue on wide range of issues such as deterrence, industrial base, procurement, cyber security, JADO etc. Building on our successful past collaborations with NATO, these dialogues are designed to foster fresh thinking and perspectives, facilitate data-driven decision making, explore technical and legal implications, and maximize future defence cooperation, while raising situational awareness.


The online workshops consist of a keynote speech, expert-led discussions and interactive breakout groups, providing attendees with opportunities to share their views and inputs on pressing issues. The discussions will be held under the Chatham House rule, ensuring an open and candid environment for participants. Based on the dialogue, policy takeaways will be produced to inform future discussions and decision-making processes.


Topics of the Dialogues:

#1 Deterrence of the NATO Eastern flank

#2 Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO)

#3 Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies

#4 Energy Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Dialogue #1 Deterrence of the NATO Eastern Flank

The first dialogue in the GLOBSEC Private-Public Sector series focused on the renewed role of deterrence in the countries of NATO´s Eastern flank. This initial session brought together key stakeholders from public and private sectors to explore various aspects of deterrence in the region. With expert insights from Gen Denis Mercier, former Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in NATO, and lively discussions in the two breakout groups, the dialogue fostered a valuable exchange of ideas, helping to identify potential synergies and inform future defence cooperation and situational awareness efforts.

The crisis management role of NATO now needs to shift to a proper defence and deterrence posture. Agenda setting and optimising the process of defence planning is essential, though it needs to entail industrial and governmental spheres. In order to adapt, we need to focus on space and cyber capabilities. The war in Ukraine shows the need for transforming the defence planning process. As the areas of cybersecurity and innovation will be crucial to disrupt the enemy. This is tied to close cooperation with the industrial capacities accounting for those needs, even in times of peace. 

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The first dialogue in the GLOBSEC Private-Public Sector series focused on the renewed role of deterrence in the countries