Project HADES



The project’s aim is to identify and map Russian state-sponsored disinformation actors, platforms, and activities in countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia). Identifying false and disruptive narratives, while shedding light on the methods used to advance Kremlin objectives and using this information to also identity the most vulnerable populations, will contribute to mitigation of influence operations in the participating countries. 


  • Regional reports mapping information flows and vulnerabilities in the online information space  
  • Assessing public vulnerabilities towards disinformation and pro-Russian narratives through public opinion poll surveys and focus groups which will be analysed in GLOBSEC Trends 2020 and Vulnerability Index 
  • Complex analysis of disinformation & influence operations indicators published in a white paper 
  • Capacities strengthening & development through bespoke trainings provided to key stakeholders such as local government and civil society in participating countries 
  • Production of interactive materials to serve as an easy information source and reference point for relevant stakeholders 

Implementation period 

2019 – 2021 


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The report offers an insight into the most influential Facebook pages in each of the three countr

on 07.10.2020

Research shows that Central and Eastern European region is receptive to disinformation and conspiracy theories.


GLOBSEC Policy Institute is stepping up its cooperation with respected international think tanks on both sides of the Atlantic.