We Are Launching a New Project on Evaluating Cyber Risks

Woman and computer photo

As proven by the ongoing war in Ukraine, the cyber domain keeps gaining on importance. In order to keep up with the fast-paced changes in this area, GLOBSEC is launching a new project. The Cyber Risk Project aims to conduct research to examine specific cyber risks, predict their future trajectory, and provide solutions to alleviate their impact.

Emphasising the interdisciplinary approach that cyber risk evaluation necessitates, the risks will be broadly classified under three categories namely, technology, society, and policy. The aim of the year-long exercise is to cater to the dynamic nature of cyber risks and their interconnectedness with the aim of generating a more holistic picture of the defined risks.

Each risk under the Technology, Society, and Policy themes will be analysed through white papers that will be authored by various experts from different stakeholder groups (industry, policy, civil society, government) and the GLOBSEC Policy Institute.

So, what are the goals of the project?

  • Identify key cyber risks across technology, society, and policy themes
  • Examine the possible progression of the cyber risk and outline their impact
  • Provide specific solutions through an interdisciplinary approach to cyber risk

The project is headed by Anushka Kaushik, Associate Fellow, GLOBSEC Policy Institute who can be contacted at [email protected].