5 Principles for the EU Digital Services Act


The upcoming EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) can be a first and very important step in treating a range of deficiencies of the online information space, which, in its current almost unregulated form, hampers democracies by allowing harmful and hateful content to proliferate.  

While the Alliance for Healthy Infosphere appreciates the EU’s efforts to address these problems through the Digital Services Act (DSA), a few guiding principles must be strengthened in the Act, if it is to be truly efficient, fair and democratic. 

Our new position paper outlines 5 key principles that must be ensured: 

  1. Transparency & user empowerment
  2. Clear wording & definitions
  3. Recognised role of civil society and research institutions
  4. Creation of an Independent oversight body
  5. Strengthened reporting obligations 

The position paper has been submitted to the EU Commission, you can read it all in a pdf below.