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The Bumpy Road Towards the EU’s Common Foreign Policy

on 29.04.2019

The Bumpy Road Towards the EU’s Common Foreign Policy  

While the foreign policy makers in Brussels and in the Member States (MS) agree that the European Union (EU) needs to play a bigger role in the world, there is still no agreement on either what this bigger role is, or how to get there. The EU’s lack of a unified position on recent issues such as a stance on Jerusalem, an approach to Venezuela or the conclusions on the EU-Arab League summit, is becoming a serious practical and diplomatic handicap undermining the EU’s role on today’s global stage.  

This policy paper aims to look at the institutional evolution of the EU and the expansion of its competencies accompanying its successive treaty reforms, which equipped the EU with more tools for its role as a Global Actor. Finally, the goal is to propose some steps towards a credible EU Foreign Policy, including the role that Central Europe could play in shaping a joint foreign policy.  

Please read the Policy Paper nr 2 (2019): “The Bumpy Road Towards the EU’s Common Foreign Policy by Dr. Kinga Brudzińska in the attachment below 

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