Artificial Intelligence Visualization

The Case for a Transatlantic AI Centre of Excellence

This policy paper constitutes the first in a series of publications developed within the framework of the GLOBSEC Artificial Intelligence for Security Initiative (G-AIS), GLOBSEC's flagship project examining the impact of transformative technology on the transatlantic defence and security policy. GLOBSEC is fully independent in implementing the project and has editorial responsibility for all views and opinions expressed herein.

Our generation is standing on the edge of a historical change in one particular element of the nature of warfare – the role of human beings in its conduct. The ability of the transatlantic community to explore, control, utilise and mitigate the phenomenon of Artifi cial Intelligence (AI) to its comparative advantage might easily constitute the key aspect of maintaining its geopolitical pre-eminence. We believe that a conceptual and ambitious attempt to understand the implications and tap the positive potential of AI should commence with the establishment of an expertise boosting platform – or as we call it, the Transatlantic Centre of Excellence for Artifi cial Intelligence (CoE).