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Coupling Energy Security, Regional Connectivity, and REPower EU Targets in CEE Region

on 11.10.2022

By Andrii Chubyk.

The REPowerEU Plan sets ambitious targets to be achieved by EU Member States to ensure their energy security. The distinct infrastructure, environmental and financial circumstances of different countries in the CEE  region, however, should be taken into consideration.

Energy efficiency and conservation are promising tools for the short-term reduction of energy consumption but they need public buy-in and EU support to work. If the EU’s medium- and long-term targets are to be attained, enhanced regional connectivity through physical infrastructure, trade and emergency assistance and a strategic perspective towards the future transit of energy will be pivotal.

Given the unexpected future of Russian energy in Europe, it is in the interest of CEE countries to advocate for a green recovery in Ukraine and the development of low-carbon and renewable gaseous, liquid and solid energy in the region to ensure their energy security and maintain their transit role.

Read more in the report below.