Geopolitical Europe: Are We Ready for It? What and How of EU Foreign Policy in 2022

on 11.01.2022

Citizens are currently debating their priorities regarding Europe’s global role within the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) and governments are developing the first-ever EU’s Strategic Compass, a common security-threat assessment. GLOBSEC, against this backdrop, has launched the Global Europe Initiative that aims at developing actionable and practical policy recommendations on how to add to EU coherence to the EU's external action. For the purposes of this particular publication, we have brought together world-class academics, practitioners, and experts to share their perspectives on EU foreign policy in 2022.

This GLOBSEC Insights Report aims also to contribute with some interesting inputs on the what and the how of EU foreign policy, put forward by the EU High Representative in a blog post in October 2021. In short, this report touches upon the following questions:

  1. What should the EU’s substantive policy priorities be in 2022 in terms of geographic and thematic terms?
  2. What are the new priorities that the EU must put greater emphasis on?
  3. How can the EU become more effective in its decision-making to take swifter decisions?
  4. Can the EU do better in managing the linkages between the internal and external dimensions of European policies?
  5. What are practical recommendations for national and EU decision-makers on the future development of EU foreign policy?

These reflections also form part of the GLOBSEC international project, GEOPE – “Geopolitical Europe: are the EU member-states ready for it?”, supported by the Jean Monnet Activities of the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme. The project seeks to propose feasible paths for compromise and coalition-building between EU member states to foster a more coherent Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).