GLOBSEC Brochure


GLOBSEC is the largest think-tank in Central Europe with partnerships across the region, Europe and beyond. We are the HUB for the generation of potent ideas and collaborative research of associated experts, leaders, influencers, academics from public and private sector, who strive to leave a legacy by making a positive impact and driving policy change while working on the challenges and the most pressing topics of today and tomorrow.

⊲ GLOBSEC’s independent and non-partisan status is maintained through its transparent and project-based funding.

⊲ The funding for GLOBSEC comes from a number of sources such as endowment, flagship conferences, memberships as well as from grants, projects and our initiatives.

⊲ None of our donors provide more than 15% of our financial resources.

GLOBSEC helps to provide a better understanding of global trends and their consequences for society, economy and security. We generate new ideas and drive policy changes for a more resilient, prosperous and sustainable world by:

⊲ Conducting world–class research and political risk analysis

⊲ Driving change by engaging multisectoral leaders and policymakers in our policy initiatives

⊲ Utilizing a platform for a publicprivate dialogue on a global level

⊲ Upholding the global network and bridging the CEE and trans-atlantic partnership

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