The ongoing digital transformation has placed technology as the cornerstone of global leadership. The onset of a tech-driven economy could also be the key to post-pandemic growth in the CEE region. A new GLOBSEC report ‘Disruptive Tech Trends in CEE: A Snapshot’ is an appetizer to the course of work that will be pursued over the next several months as part of GLOBSEC’s Digital Valley in CEE Initiative.

In the report, we surveyed stakeholders across the region to assess global trends and their ramifications for CEE. The publication provides a glimpse into key trends that are set to define technological progress and the extent to which they are (not) heeded in the region. The aim of this exercise is to stir reflection and stimulate a broader discussion on phenomena that will subsequently contribute to a more comprehensive assessment in the upcoming months.

Going forwards, GLOBSEC Digital Valley in CEE Initiative will explore how the CEE region can take advantage of the global tech trends but also transform from a trend follower into a trendsetter. We will identify concrete steps necessary to adapt to the trends. We will also generate recommendations on how to integrate emerging technologies into all aspects of public life to improve governance, economic performance, and quality of life.

Two achieve this goal, we will have a two-pronged approach. The initiative will develop along two distinct but interconnected tracks: Disruptive Tech Trends in CEE and Building the Digital Valley in CEE. 

Disruptive Tech Trends in CEE track will map out the most promising and consequential disruptive tech trends globally and analyze how the CEE region is adjusting to them. The analysis will identify the areas where the region is doing well and the trends that we are not prepared for.

Building the Digital Valley in CEE track will propose concrete solutions on how governments and businesses in CEE can jointly drive innovation-based growth by creating a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

The activities will involve an online survey spanning the CEE region aimed at the key innovation stakeholders, structured interviews with business and public sector leaders, and the creation of a Digital Innovation Tracker.

The initiative will be strategically led by a steering committee consisting of business and public sector leaders from the region. The list includes Péter Küllői, Hungarian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Petr Pudil, Czech entrepreneur and co-founder of Kunsthalle Prague, among others.

The initiative will be officially launched at GLOBSEC Forum in June 2021 along with the presentation of the above-mentioned report.  The rest of the activities will be carried out throughout 2021 and 2022, with major milestones presented at GLOBSEC flagship events.