Trends 2022 Czechia

GLOBSEC Trends 2022: Czechia

on 18.11.2022

Czechia has long established itself as the most Eurosceptic country in the region based on GLOBSEC Trends polling. Its support for the EU has fluctuated in any given year dependent on the economic climate and the crisis environment. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that said, has served as a reality check for many Czechs. A sense of pragmatism and a recognition that the EU and NATO are security guarantors that provide the tools necessary for stronger joint actions have contributed to Czechia’s newfound regional leader status. The public now expresses more favourable views towards Czechia’s EU and NATO membership, the country’s role as a driver of international cooperation and Prague’s advocacy for more stringent sanctions against Russia.  

A change in the leadership of the country, which is now stridently Euro-Atlantic oriented, has been especially pertinent to shifting the country’s rhetoric and policies. The change in the government led, furthermore, has contributed to an unprecedented rise in trust in institutions including the media. These changes, along with an escalation of the war by Russia, has compelled the Czech public to revaluate the actors and issues they perceive as security threats.  

This report, consequently, examines the key trends shaping Czech society in 2022. It explores the socio-demographic groups steering the country’s increasingly transatlantic orientation and rising trust levels and satisfaction with democracy. 

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