GLOBSEC Trends 2022 Hungary

GLOBSEC Trends 2022: Hungary

on 30.12.2022

Hungary has established itself as a country undergoing democratic backsliding and one often labelled illiberal, hybrid or a partially free democracy. In September, the European Parliament declared that Hungary had become an “electoral autocracy” and can no longer be considered a full democracy.

Despite these developments, support for EU and NATO membership has remained stable and uncontested among Hungarians. It appears that the rampant disinformation and criticism targeted towards the EU from Viktor Orbán and his administration have had no discernible impact on the views of Hungarians towards these two organizations. Viktor Orbán’s commitment to improving relations with authoritarian regimes, nonetheless, renders its own top-down vulnerabilities. The public now expresses more favourable views towards Russia and China than the United States, France and the United Kingdom even as Germany is perceived as the most important strategic partner.

This report, in this light, examines the key trends shaping Hungarian society in 2022 and vulnerabilities. It explores the socio-demographic groups steering the country’s increasing leanings towards authoritarian regimes and provides insight into rising satisfaction with democracy. 

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