GLOBSEC Trends 2022: Lithuania

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered a shift in public opinion among Lithuanian population. While support for the West and its structures has always been robust in the country, the war has stiffened and broadened this resolve. Lithuanians now express the greatest support for EU membership across all countries surveyed by GLOBSEC Trends.  

A resounding majority also believe that Russia poses a threat to Lithuania’s security and values. Few, meanwhile, hold favourable views of Vladimir Putin. In GLOBSEC Trends 2022, Lithuania, together with Czechia and Poland, turned out to be the three countries with the greatest awareness concerning foreign malign influence and the most resolute pro-Western attitudes.  

Political and state representatives have publicly shared this disdain for foreign malign influence and these views have likely contributed to the high levels of awareness among respondents in Lithuania about the problem. These findings hold for both Russia and China, with around 40% considering Beijing to be a threat to the country’s security and/or values.  

Last but not least, despite not heading the regional charts in this respect, the last two years have also witnessed an increase in satisfaction with democracy and the governance system in the country. This rise, however, is countered by growing distrust in the media and greater buy-in to some manipulative and polarising narratives such as the idea that “liberal democracy threatens our values and identity”.  

This report scrutinises key trends shaping society in Lithuania this year. It examines the socio-demographic groups driving the growth in support for the West and democracy and identifies where the above-mentioned distrust still resonates most.  

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