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GLOBSEC Trends 2022: Poland

on 01.12.2022

Over the years, GLOBSEC Trends has consistently found that Poland is home to the most resounding pro-Western sentiment in the region and lowest sympathies towards Russia or its president. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has intensified these feelings - around 90% of Poles now support their country’s membership in Western institutions and consider Russia to be a threat to their security. Russia’s actions have, moreover, influenced public attitudes towards another major autocracy – China. The perception of China as a threat to national security has soared from 34% to 43% between 2020 and 2022 and more people now view Xi Jinping unfavourably compared to last year.  

Poland is also characterised by pervasive polarisation1 on cultural and ideological issues, which many could perceive along the lines of the struggle between conservative and liberal values, most Poles believe that the EU, Western values and/or liberalism pose no threat to their identity. This finding suggests that the values divide has not spilled over into foreign policy and geopolitical views. Some variance, nonetheless, is still apparent across socio-demographic groups.  

This report scrutinises key trends shaping Polish society this year. It examines generational divides and other socio-demographic differences within society regarding public support for Western institutions, attitudes towards autocratic regimes and trust of government and institutions.  

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