Kremlin-aligned “media” in Latvia: Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors


How do Kremlin-aligned media operate in Latvia? And what image of the US, the EU, and domestic events in Russia do they promote?

On a case study focusing on the content of one of the Kremlin-aligned online news sources in Latvia, Baltijas Balss (BalticVoice), throughout July 2021, the report illustrates how Kremlin-aligned news sources operating in the country create a crooked image of the world, aligned with Kremlin’s perspective.

The biggest issue identified by the report is that most Kremlin-aligned media do not contain blatant disinformation and look more or less similar to quality independent media. As shown by the case study of Baltijas Balss, these news sources deceive the reader by promoting one-sided, biased, cherrypicked stories rather than blatant disinformation. Similarly, Baltijas Balss and similar news sources in Latvia often republish news from Kremlin-influenced, Russia based media, thus uncritically repeating various narratives about the West and Russia put forward by the Kremlin.

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