Young People, EU Citizenship and Activism


We often hear that “Brussels is too far away” from the EU citizens, especially from the young people. With each EP election, on average, the turnout has been decreasing. Nationalism—driven by populism and Euroscepticism—is becoming more and more entrenched, jeopardising European citizenship and democracy, the cornerstones for the success of the European project. What to do? How to enhance citizens' understanding of the EU, broaden ownership of the European project and build trust in the EU's promise of a better future for all?

 This comparative report “Young People, EU Citizenship and Activism” provides an insight into the perceptions of young people from four different countries related to their attitudes towards the European Union (EU), their understanding of EU citizenship and activism. As potential new leaders, it is important to “feel the pulse” of the thoughts of today’s youth on belonging (or not) to the European community. Such data is a valuable tool to help predict voting choices in the upcoming European Parliament (EP) elections as well as to provide a basis for a possible trending line of European integration developments in the future.



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