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Andrej Babiš

Andrej Babiš

Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

Andrej Babiš graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava, in the field of Foreign Trade. In 1993, Mr. Babiš founded his own company – agrochemical holding Agrofert.

Since 2012 Andrej Babiš has led the Movement ANO 2011, for which he was elected to the Parliament of the Czech Republic in the national elections in 2013. As a member of the governing coalition in 2013-2017, he served as the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. In this function, he achieved a number of national tax reforms.

He was appointed Prime Minister of the Czech Republic on 6th December 2017 after the electoral successes of his movement ANO in the 2017 Parliamentary elections.

The main priority for Andrej Babiš and the ANO 2011 Movement is the security of Czech citizens and security throughout Europe. Babiš, therefore, advocates for increasing the budgets of both the intelligence services and the military so that they can effectively fight terrorism, illegal migration, and actively participate on the defence of Europe’s external borders. As part of such national security policy, Babiš emphasizes the need for food and energy self-sufficiency, as well as fiscal stability for which the Czech crown is a prerequisite. Babiš also stresses that an effective state is unconditionally linked to the extensive digitization of state administration.