Anushka Kaushik

Senior Research Fellow and Cyber Lead

Anushka Kaushik is currently working as a Senior Research Fellow and Cyber Lead with the GLOBSEC Policy Institute, focusing on cybersecurity and technology policy issues. In her role as project manager of the Cyber Resilience Program at GPI, she led the implementation of the Cyber Readiness Index to Slovakia, developed by cybersecurity expert Melissa Hathaway, which measures the cybersecurity preparedness of a country using 70 unique indicators. She was responsible for developing the cyber initiatives of the organization and driving its research effort in cybersecurity. During this time, she also worked on the attribution of cyberattacks, end-to-end encryption policies, and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

Prior to joining GLOBSEC, Anushka worked on data protection policies and internet governance at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris where she helped develop a cybersecurity guide for businesses to protect themselves from cyber intrusions by setting up an institutionalised response mechanism.

Anushka has a Master’s in International Security from Sciences Po, Paris where her focus was cyber strategies, defence and security economics, and international law.  While at Sciences Po, Anushka was a research associate at the Centre des Recherches Internationales (CERI) for the Chair of Excellence in Security Studies.

Selected Publications: