Hennadiy Maksak 

Senior Fellow at Ukraine and Eastern Europe Programme

One of the founders and executive director of the Ukraininan think-tank “Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”. Founded in 2015 Ukraininan Prism is a leading non-governmental research and advocacy institution in field of foreign policy of Ukraine and international security.

Previously, in 2006-2015 he was the president of the Polissya Foundation for International and Regional Studies, based in Chernihiv (Ukraine).

In 2016-2019 he was a Coordinator of the Ukrainian national platform of the EaP Civil Society Forum. In 2012-2014, 2017-2019 was a member of Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

In 2017-2020 was chairing the Civic Council under the Ministry on Foreign Affairs. Took part in task forces for drafting of the Foreign Policy Strategy (2021), Public Diplomacy Strategy (2021).

In 2021 coordinated activity of the initiative group for creation of the Crimean Platform Expert Network.

Currently, he is a part of the Ukraine and Eastern Europe Programme at GLOBSEC Policy Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Studied economics (Chernihiv State Institute for Economics and Management), political sciences (Warsaw University, Center for East European Studies).

Fields of expertise: International relations and foreign policy of Ukraine, security in the Eastern Europe, Eastern partnership policy, European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, diplomatic service, expert diplomacy, economic diplomacy.