John Barter

Senior Vice President

Originally from the UK; John has lived in Central Europe for the past 19 Years and during his time as the Regional Director for BAE Systems was the first Corporate Sponsor of the GLOBSEC Forum in 2005.

A seasoned Defence and Security Professional with 17 years of experience as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Air Force Regiment followed by 21 years in the Defence Industry. John joined GLOBSEC in March 2019 and has been actively involved in the organisation's Defence initiatives such as GESI and Chairs the Defence Roundtable at the annual GLOBSEC Forum.

John has established a reputation as a creative thinker and skilful negotiator who regularly thinks out of the box to deliver success. He brings a wealth of knowledge from the Defence Sector with his first-hand knowledge of Air Defence, Armoured Operations, NBC, Procurement and introducing into service latest generation defence solutions. He is a natural leader who injects energy into anything he takes on and can be relied on to get things done. In addition to his Defence and Security portfolio, John is passionate about subjects such as climate change, climate security, countering disinformation and combatting the impact of poverty. He is honoured to be part of the GLOBSEC Team and believes that he has found his true vocation for his third career.