Lucia Rybnikárová

Project Manager for Strategic Projects and Events

Lucia is a Project Manager for Strategic Projects and Events. She assists with the organization and implementation of the projects in the GLOBSEC Policy Institute. Her areas of interest include European affairs, European foreign policy and defence.  

Lucia holds a Master´s degree from KU Leuven in Belgium where she studied European Studies where she focused on the foreign and security policy of the European Union. She specialized in the European Neighbourhood Policy and conducted research on Dilemmas of the EU External Action: Pragmatism vs. Coherence in the EU´s Foreign policy with a study case of Armenia and Georgia. Previously she has conducted a Bachelor´s degree at Maastricht University in the Netherlands where she specialized in Europeanization and European Politics. She has carried out extensive research on the Europeanization of the political parties in Slovakia.  

Lucia is currently working on the project:  Enhanced European Opportunity Partners in the EU’s Defence and Security Initiative - Study case of Norway.