Shane Markowitz

Associate Fellow, Centre for Global Europe

Shane is an expert on US politics and EU politics, integration, and environmental and education policy. His research is also concentrated on the relations between globalization and populism in different institutional and policy contexts. He, furthermore, explores the role of political economy structures and social movements in influencing science and technology debates. Shane holds a PhD in International Relations/Political Science from Central European University.

Selected Publications

Markowitz, Shane. 2021. What Estonia and Slovakia did to beat AstraZeneca 'hesitancy'. EUobserver.

Markowitz, Shane. 2021. Rising polarization may mean that post-inaugural political ‘honeymoons’ for a president are now a thing of the past. USAPP.

Markowitz, Shane. 2021. Must try harder: recovering from educational inequality. Social Europe.

Markowitz, Shane. 2021. Will Europe Part Ways With Populism in 2021? World Politics Review.

Markowitz, Shane. 2020. Brexit and rule of law: EU in summit driving seat on both. EUobserver.

Markowitz, Shane. 2020. A new ‘Lockdown Generation’ is raising the risk of global upheaval. World Politics Review.

Markowitz, Shane. 2020. Averting another lost generation of European youth post-Covid-19. openDemocracy.

Markowitz, Shane. 2020. The ecological transition is the new mission for Europe. Social Europe.

Markowitz, Shane and Alena Kudzko. 2020. Coronavirus sees approval-rating soar for EU leaders. EUobserver.

Markowitz, Shane. 2020. Why Trump has received a much smaller approval bump than other world leaders during the pandemic. Washington Post: The Monkey Cage.