Yaroslav Zhalilo

Distinguished Research Fellow for Ukraine and Eastern Europe Programme

A leading Ukrainian researcher in the field of macroeconomics and economic policy; program manager in the field of macroeconomics, competitiveness, regional development with up to 30 years experience of policy advisory to the Government and Office of the President of Ukraine, Council on National Security and Defense, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 20 years of managerial experience and project leadership as a head of a non-Governmental “think tank”- Civic Centre for Anti-Crisis Studies.

Participation experience in international research programs with UNDP, ILO, WTO International Trade Center, USAID, ULEAD.

Areas of expertise include public policy, governance, institutional framework of economic policy, strategy of economic growth and national competitiveness, national regional policy and regional economic development, economic issues of local communities’ development.

Author (co-author) of 21 monographs, about 60 published analytical reports, more than 50 research articles in scientific journals, about 100 articles in daily and weekly newspapers, popular magazines on the topics of macroeconomics, business development, economic and regional development policy.

The career history includes working for the National Institute for Strategic Studies at the various positions – from researcher to first deputy director, research work for the Institute for Economics and Forecasting (National Academy of Sciences), Institute for Social and Economic Research (NGO), advisory work as advisor to the Minister of Economy, assistant to the President of Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, advisor to the President of the Taxpayers’ association of Ukraine.

From 2018 till now - Deputy Director of National Institute for Strategic Studies, head of the Center of economic and social studies.

Selected Publications

Zhalilo J. (2015)         Smes, trade and development in Ukraine      / ITC Working Paper Series. WP-06-2015.E.- International Trade Center, October, 2015 – 47 p. - https://www.intracen.org/uploadedFiles/intracenorg/Content/Redesign/Projects/SME_Competitiveness/WP-06-2015.E,%20Zhalilo(1).PDF  DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28903.98728

Zhalilo Y. (2017) DCFTA: a starting gear for structural changes in Ukraine’s trade relations with the EU / Integration without membership. Potential and limits of Ukraine’s Association with the EU (Alexander Duleba et al.).- Bratislava, Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, 2017/ (p. 79-93).

New regional policy for renewed Ukraine (2017): Analytical report (Y. Zhalilo, V. Zhuk, O. Shevchenko, O. Snihova, А. Filipenko) — Кyiv, Institute for social and economic research, 2017.- 38p. http://iser.org.ua/en/proekti/doslidzhennia/new-regional-policy-for-renewed-ukraine - DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.25600.97287

Integration without membership (2017). Potential and limits of Ukraine’s Association with the EU / Alexander Duleba et al. (Ch. 2.1: DCFTA: a starting gear for structural changes in Ukraine’s trade relations with the EU . p. 79 – 93).- Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, 2017. (http://surec.sk/data/K1_Duleba_AA.angl_cbc01014.pdf).

Zhalilo Y. (2018) Institutional Background of Effective Strategies for Business Sustainability / Managerial strategies for business sustainability during turbulent times / Ramona-Diana Leon, ed. Hershey : Business Science Reference, [2018] (p. 23-40). https://www.igi-global.com/chapter/institutional-background-of-effective-strategies-for-business-sustainability/186001  DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2716-9.ch002

Tracking progress on Sustainable Development Goals for the regions of Ukraine: choosing indicators and setting baselines (2019). (A.Maksiuta, S. Kovalivska, Y. Zhalilo, V. Pishcheiko. ) - Kyiv, 2019. – 270 P. https://www.undp.org/ukraine/publications/tracking-progress-sustainable-development-goals-regions-ukraine-choosing-indicators-and-setting-baselines

Zhalilo Y., Snihova O. (2021) Realizing the Potential of Interregional and Intermunicipal Cooperation in the Framework of Cohesion Policy: Analytical Report. — Kyiv, 2021. — 28 p. (http://www.ucipr.org.ua/en/publications/publication/realizing-the-potential-of-interregional-and-intermunicipal-cooperation-in-the-framework-of-cohesion-policy-analytical-report

Zhalilo, Y. (2022). Supply Chains Sophistication in “Smart” Local Communities. In R. Leon, R. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, & J. Alfaro-Saiz (Eds.), Increasing Supply Chain Performance in Digital Society (pp. 221-241). IGI Global. https://doi.org/10.4018/978-1-7998-9715-6.ch011