#EUSPARRING2019, Public event, Berlin, Germany

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EU-Kandidat*Innen im Ideenwettstreit

Tuesday, 26.03.2019, 17:30- 20:30

Telefónica Basecamp

Berlin Mittelstraße 51-53, 10117 Berlin


In May 2019, the ninth direct elections of the European Parliament will take place. Voter turnout over the past five years represented less than fifty percent of EU citizens, both in the EU as a whole and in the German context.

The event #EUSPARRING2019 EU-Kandidat*Innen im Ideenwettstreit is part of EUact project and has the goal to enable an exchange between EU citizens and EU candidates on 26.03.19, exactly two months before the German election of the EU Parliament. Ideas from different political directions, as well as from established and extra-parliamentary parties, should be conveyed and brought into the public debate.

The event will take the form of a panel discussion.

Participants in the discussion will be:

  • Damian Boeselager (VOLT)
  • Engin Eroglu (Free Voters)
  • Hannah Neumann (Alliance 90 / The Greens)
  • Bianca Praetorius (Democracy in Europe)
  • Simon Vaut (SPD)
  • Susanne Zels (CDU)

The audience will consist of political and European interested, German-speaking citizens, including EU migrants in Berlin.