Danube Tech Valley

Danube Tech Valley

The Danube Tech Valley Initiative (DTVI) by GLOBSEC is aiming to power ahead and accelerate the innovation potential in CEE, by increasing its competitiveness and growth vis-à-vis the rest of Europe and the world, by creating synergies and convergence, interconnecting existing initiatives, and enabling bottom-up cross-border interactions and cooperation between diverse stakeholders in the Danube region. Its newly launched Danube Innovation Tracker aims to accelerate the innovation potential of the region.

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Prague, November 24th 2022: Startups in the Danube Region are now worth more than €413.7b in combined enterprise value and they raised €27.6m of new capital in 2022 so far.  To map it all out, GLOBSEC gets it



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According to the 2022 European Innovation Scoreboard, the innovation performance of most of the countries in the Danube Valley is below or well below the EU average.

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GLOBSEC launched its new Danube Innovation Tracker in Prague. The launch brought together representatives from both the public and private sectors to introduce the tracker's value for the innovation ecosystem within the whole Danube region. 


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