Danube Tech Summit 2023


12th December 2023 | Vienna | Upon invitation

The Danube Tech Summit, the new annual catalyzing event for the strategic Danube Region innovation  sphere, starting in December 2023, will enhance knowledge circulation and network building between  businesses, policymakers, education institutes and civil society organizations. 

The collaboration between GLOBSEC and the  Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy of  Austria strives to establish a dynamic platform that will gather over 150 representatives from the entire region and beyond. This includes visionary founders, CEOs of tech companies, executives from fast-growing start-ups and unicorn companies, chief innovation officers, ministers responsible for innovation, economy, and finance within the region, as well as EU delegates, policymakers, and public representatives. The primary objective is to propose impactful solutions for strengthening the progress and innovation potential of the Danube region hub.

The inaugural edition will center around pressing priorities in the region that are substantially backed by the European Union. These priorities encompass the current energy security landscape and the imperative of advancing the green agenda. The Summit presents an immense opportunity for the region, providing a historical momentum to fundamentally reshape its growth paradigm in order to foster enhanced prosperity, sustainability, and productivity. This opportunity is one that should be maximized and effectively facilitated by the Summit.

In a single day, keynote speeches, 2 panels, 6 hands-on workshops, and networking sessions will bring together key stakeholders from the Danube Valley, focusing on cutting-edge solutions and emerging disruptive technologies that address global and European challenges. These challenges include the ongoing energy transition, digitalization, green tech, and smart cities, which serve as unifying themes for a multitude of critical topics mentioned earlier. The energy and climate crisis, along with the war and the future reconstruction of Ukraine, are already shaping the revitalization of the European core business and should be approached in a synergistic manner.

To demonstrate our unwavering support for Ukraine and foster informal networking opportunities, we will be hosting a culturally immersive event in the evening organized in partnership with Orchester Wiener Akademia. This event aims to create an engaging platform where attendees can come together to express solidarity with Ukraine while also building meaningful connections in an informal setting.

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