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GLOBSEC launches open-access database to map startup ecosystem in Danube Valley region which is worth over €400 billion in combined enterprise value


Prague, November 24th 2022: Startups in the Danube Region are now worth more than €413.7b in combined enterprise value and they raised €27.6m of new capital in 2022 so far.  To map it all out, GLOBSEC gets its own online startup ecosystem database, powered by Dealroom. The new platform provides data and intelligence on the stakeholder of the innovation ecosystem: startups, innovation, investors, funding rounds, and many other insights on the Danube Innovation Tracker.  

“This open-access platform is specifically designed to support scaling tech communities, with reliable intelligence and novel insights. The database provides detailed data on startups, scaleups, and corporates in the region. It covers over 12,000+ technology-based innovative startups, investors and accelerators, and much more,” commented Katarína Cséfalvayová, Executive Lead of the GLOBSEC’s Danube Tech Valley Initiative. 

The GLOBSEC Danube Innovation Tracker has been launched at an event in Prague to shine a light on the success of the Czech Republic’s startup ecosystem. Based on the Danube Innovation Tracker data, the Czech Republic is the runner-up to Bavaria in the Danube region, closely followed by Austria, in terms of the cumulated value of the startups over the last five years and showing the way to the rest of the region. The overall value of the Czech startups has boomed in recent years, reaching a heaping €15.5 bn in 2021, a value which has already been surpassed in Q3 of 2022. 

“This new database not only offers the most detailed picture of the Danube Region tech scene up until now, but it’s also an ongoing collaborative project. Any startup, investor, or ecosystem stakeholder can add their own company and organization details, and enhance their profile – providing open access to real-time data for the community. More accuracy and transparency in tech and investment industry data will not only improve local ecosystem connectivity but will also help put the region on the map internationally as a promising new hub for tech and innovation,” Katarína Cséfalvayová explained. 

The newly launched Danube Innovation Tracker is the newest venture of GLOBSEC’s Danube Tech Valley Initiative, which aims to accelerate the innovation potential of the Danube region. The countries of the Danube Valley covered by Danube Innovation Tracker are Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Moldova. 

Danube Tech Valley Innovation Tracker: Regional Map, 2022  


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