Centre for Democracy & Resilience

Center for Democracy & Resilience

The mission of our Centre for Democracy & Resilience is to protect fundamental democratic values and processes through generating new ideas, providing creative solutions and engaging relevant stakeholders to drive positive change towards more resilient democracies in a digital age. This is achieved by conducting research in the areas of information operations, hybrid threats, election interference, social media regulation and transparency and by providing recommendations to a range of stakeholders. After identifying fragile spots, the programme aims to conduct innovative activities to contribute to the resilience of democracies in the most practical manner.

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GLOBSEC’s Center for Democracy and Resilience became a part of a new 36-month project that will equip European Police Authorities with advanced technologies from academia to detect and analyse disinformation that leads to criminal activities.



globsec trends poland

Over the years, GLOBSEC Trends has consistently found that Poland is home to the most resounding pro-Western sentiment in the region and lowest sympathies towards Russia or its president.

on 01.12.2022

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