Election Era 2024: Navigating the Digital Divide - AI's Dance Between Threats and Defenses

AI elections

February 20, 2024, 11:00 – 12:30 CET, Zoom

In an era where technology relentlessly reshapes our reality, democratic community is actively trying to tackle the urgent question: How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) rewriting the rules of election integrity? Join us as we dive into the murky waters of elections and AI, featuring top experts from three continents.

The event is not just a discussion; it is an exploration of AI's double-edged sword in the electoral arena. We will confront the unnerving threats posed by AI, epitomized by the use of AI-generated content in recent elections in Argentina, Bangladesh, Slovakia, Taiwan and Turkey.

From GLOBSEC’s revelations on AI-manipulated content in Slovakia and Bangladesh to Logically.ai's exposition on the shadowy realm of inauthentic accounts in Argentina's presidential race, and TEYT's insights into AI's role in Turkish politics - each case study promises a riveting narrative with a common challenge – how to tackle it to ensure election integrity?

Our speakers are set to deliver a globally-encompassing perspective, dissecting the intricate bond between elections and AI. This is not just a superficial skim; expect deep dives into the latest AI advancements and concrete strategies to safeguard elections from the AI storm.

As we chart this territory, GLOBSEC invites you to not just listen, but engage, challenge, and contribute to this vital discourse with a mission to empower democratic institutions and processes.


  • Sophie Murphy Byrne, Senior Government Affairs Manager, Logically.ai
  • Miraj Chowdhury, Founder, Digitally Rights Limited
  • Gülin Çavuç, Founder, Yapay Gündem
  • Summer Chen, Editor-in-Chief, Taiwan FactCheck Center


  • Jana Kazaz, Research Fellow, GLOBSEC

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