NATO’s Frontline: Exploring Eastern Flank’s Summit Priorities


In anticipation of the upcoming NATO Summit, GLOBSEC's FSDC team held on April 9th, 2024 a closed-door event focusing on defining strategic priorities for the Eastern flank, particularly in the context of evolving security threats from Russia. Emphasizing the urgent need to address weaknesses in both operational and industrial capabilities, the discussion delved into enhancing military preparedness, bolstering industrial base and defence integration.

During the course of the event, the participants delved into the following questions:

  • In light of the security challenges in the Eastern flank, what specific priorities should NATO emphasise during the upcoming Summit to ensure the collective defence and deterrence posture of the Alliance in the region?
  • Considering the demonstrated weaknesses in the European industrial base during the war in Ukraine, what specific measures can be taken to enhance the operational capabilities and readiness of the Eastern flank?

  • How can NATO member states and defence industries collaborate to address weaknesses in the European defence industrial base while simultaneously prioritizing the security needs of the Eastern flank?

Explore the policy takeaways from the event in the summary below and read the full Eastern Flank report here.