Ukraine Breakthrough Moment: Can Ukraine’s infrastructure survive the winter?


Ukraine’s critical infrastructure is on the brink. Victoria Voytsitska, Member of the International Center for Ukrainian Victory and former Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Secretary of the Energy Committee, speaks with Pavlo and Roger on how to reinforce Ukraine’s energy grid to restore normality and the need for layered anti-air defense to survive and overcome Russia’s vicious onslaught.

What are the key points discussed in the episode? 

  • Transformers over generators: key to winter survival

  • Need for coordinated effort by allies to deliver new transformers as well as abundant used transformers for repurposing in UA

  • Partners should invest smartly to help Ukraine manage its electrical crisis now to avoid mass refugee waves to neighbouring EU countries.

  • Need for the establishment of layered anti-air defense systems to combat missiles and drones

  • Local governments could involve private businesses into establishing and servicing “points of invincibility” and compensate private businesses for generators

Listen below to learn more.